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i'd rather bleed with cuts of love... [entries|friends|calendar]

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dont call it a comeback [06 Jun 2005|01:59pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Wow, its been forever since I updated. Things have been totally crazy. Waaay too crazy to try and explain in full detail in a journal. If you want to know, just IM me or something. I switched back to my old screen name... wasted nostalgia. I like it a lot now and I'll use it for the time being. Anyway, I'm here in Kentucky and waiting for people to call me so we can do some stuff. Please, hury and call. Its boring.


recap [03 Apr 2005|12:56am]
[ mood | discontent ]

Major recappageCollapse )


a new beginning to a way-too-familiar concept [02 Apr 2005|01:08am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Well, I've gone and done it again. I made yet another journal. Although this time, I don't plan on telling my friends and family about it. I'll still update in my normal journal, (__feminist) but I'll use this as more of a private journal. A place where I can put everything that I really feel without worrying about one of them reeading it and having a complete bitch fit.


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